Read My Books For Free

For Readers:

My books are freely available at public libraries as paperbacks or ebooks. You can ask your local public library to order them (details provided below for librarians).

I want everyone to enjoy my books, including people who aren’t always able to buy books. As a reader who uses (and cherishes!) public libraries, I feel libraries provide a tremendous value to our communities.

I have discovered many new authors and books through my local library, and I hope to share my books the same way. So, if you can’t find my books at your library, please consider asking your librarian to order them.

You can follow these steps to recommend my book via OverDrive:

  1. Search for your library on
  2. Click your library in the results
  3. Search for [Book Title]
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see recommendable books
  5. Click Recommend next to [Book Title]

You can also follow these steps to recommend my book via Bibliotheca cloudLibrary:

  1. Find and select your library on
  2. Search for [Book Title]
  3. Click Filters > Suggestions for library
  4. Click Suggest to Librarynext to [Book Title]

You may need to log in to your library account to submit the recommendation.

If your library doesn’t offer an online recommendation feature, you can ask a library staff member about how to suggest a new book. Thanks for your help!

You can also read my books for free at the ebook subscription sites below. They allow you to enjoy unlimited reading for a low monthly subscription fee that pays for itself after just one book.

You can usually get a free 30 day trial:


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You can also get Red Handed, the first in the Katerina Carter Color of Money series, free anywhere ebooks are sold.

For Librarians:

I love libraries and am always thrilled to find my books on library shelves! I also enjoy doing library events, including book clubs and signings. I’m located in Vancouver, Canada. I also travel frequently so there’s a possibility I may be in your area. Contact me at (myfirstname) at

Ebooks are available through Overdrive.

Books and ebooks are available from Ingram under the following ISBNs. You can also order direct from Chapters/Indigo, and other booksellers.

Nonfiction/True Crime/Finance & Investing/Personal Finance:

Anatomy of a Ponzi: Scams Past and Present
ebook ISBN 9780987883544
Paperback ISBN 9780987883551


Exit Strategy (Katerina Carter Fraud Thriller #1)
ebook ISBN 9780983750284
Paperback ISBN 9780987883575

Game Theory (Katerina Carter Fraud Thriller #2)
ebook ISBN 9780987883520
Paperback ISBN 9780987883568

Red Handed (Katerina Carter Color of Money Mystery #1)
ebook ISBN 9780987883582

Blue Moon (Katerina Carter Color of Money Mystery #2)
ebook ISBN 9780987883599   


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