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Is there a catch? No! You can read my books for free. All you have to do is visit your local public library or find my books on one of the many ebook subscription reading platforms (listed below) by searching for my name: Colleen Cross.
Let’s get back to libraries for a moment. My books are freely available at public libraries as paperbacks or ebooks. Not every library, though. That’s because some librarians haven’t heard of me…at least not yet! Here’s where you can help. If you want to see my mysteries, thrillers, and other books at your local public library, just ask your local librarian to order them. Mention my name and website – and the books you would like to read.
Let your librarian know that my ebooks are available through all of the major library suppliers like Overdrive, Baker & Taylor, Biblioteca, and others. My paperback books are available through Ingram and other distributors, which vary according to country and language.
I want everyone to enjoy my books. That includes people who can’t always buy books. As a reader who uses (and cherishes!) public libraries, I know from personal experience that libraries provide a tremendous value to our communities. I also love the whole community sharing concept upon which the library model is based.
As a kid I spent endless hours searching my local library’s shelves for my next great adventure. I was always thrilled with my new finds. I walked a mile to my local library at least weekly, sometimes daily during summer holidays. I basically lived at the library. Even back then I was a voracious reader.
The reading treasures I found on each trip often exceeded the library borrowing limit, so I would read a book during my library visit too. That way I could maximize my stash of unread books to take home. It gave me strong arm muscles!
I admit that I almost always walked home reading one book while carrying the rest. If a tightly plotted suspense thriller book captured my attention, I occasionally tripped on the sidewalk. I also developed balance!
I read everything from literary fiction, historical fiction, and the classics to travel books and other nonfiction books. Basically everything I could get my hands on that wasn’t too scary. In grade 5 I had to get glasses! Totally worth every word!
Books were my escape to worlds near and far, old and new. Stories stoked my imagination, wanderlust, and desire to learn a little more about everything in the world. As I got older I was inspired to write my own stories. It all started at my local public library. Libraries shape lives, and I know they changed my life for the better.
I continue to discover many new inspiring authors and books through my local library, all because of a librarian’s thoughtful curation. I hope to share my books the same way and find new readers because that helps me continue to write new books. So, if you can’t find my books at your library, and you’re considering asking your librarian to order them, please do!
You can recommend them with a few mouse clicks below, or by visiting your library in person.
Thank you!
Colleen Cross

How to recommend my book via OverDrive:
1. Search for your library on
2. Click your library in the results
3. Search for [Book Title]
4. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see recommendable books
5. Click Recommend next to [Book Title]


How to recommend my book via Bibliotheca cloudLibrary:
1. Find and select your library on
2. Search for [Book Title]
3. Click Filters > Suggestions for library
4. Click Suggest to Library next to [Book Title]
You may need to log in to your library account to submit the recommendation.
If your library doesn’t offer an online recommendation feature, you can ask a library staff member about how to suggest a new book. Thanks for your help!
You can also read my books for free at the ebook subscription sites below. Just search for me by name. These reading platform websites allow you to enjoy unlimited reading for a low monthly subscription fee that pays for itself after just one book.
You can usually get a free 30 day trial:
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